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What is KiddoTag?

KiddoTag is a wristband that allows parents or guardians to monitor their child's location with pinpoint accuracy, giving them peace of mind while on vacation.

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This is what you get with KiddoTag

The freedom
Helps you to feel more relaxed and confident on your vacation, knowing that you quickly can locate your child if you want or need.
The wristband is made to withstand both water and heat. It is capable of tracking both indoors and outdoors with high accuracy, as well as vertically when inside the hotel.
Designed to be easy to use, where you can find the location of the wristband (child), report incidents, and receive alerts if the child wanders too far away.
KiddoTag is more than just a wristband, the hotel itself have their own control system in place to receive alerts and help you if needed.


How does the app work?

Find your child

KiddoTag comes with both indoors and outdoor tracking, with high precision. When inside, the wristband is connected to receivers installed inside the hotel to be able to see where your child is, and on which floor.

Notify or get notified

If your child is lost, you can easily alert the hotel trough the app, and also receive notification if your child is found. When your child wanders too far out off the premise you will get notified  your app.


Answers to all your question

Do I need to charge the wristband?

The battery in the wristband is made to last, so you do not have to worry about charging it yourself, just enjoy your vacation!

Can it be used under water?

Yes, the construction of the wristband is made specifically with this in mind, as well as withstanding heat of high temperatures.

What is the price?

20£ for each KiddoTag per week, with full access to all it's services.

Where do I sign up?

At the hotel reception, or at your travel agency's website.

Do I need a SIM-card?

No, we use our own developed SIM-card free solution.

I have more than one child, will that work?

Yes, you can connect more than one wristband to your app.

Can more than one mobile be connected to a wristband?

Yes, with a secure QR-code you can easily share access.

Is the wristband tested for allergies?


Is the product sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Yes, the product is part of a circular economic.
That means that every part of the wristband can be reused.

What is the range of the wristband?

The hotels area and the beach.

Is data collected safely stored and secured?

Yes, we follow GDPR-standards and international laws.
All data is automatically deleted when you leave the hotel.

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Kristin Glærum
"I understand the worry that comes with keeping track of children during vacation.

That's why we created KiddoTag, to provide families with peace of mind while their children explore.

Knowing that some of the larger hotels have 2-5 search operations every day only reinforces the need for our solution.

Our goal is to help families enjoy a relaxed and stress-free vacation."

Kristin Glærum

CEO of Liberimap

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